Backstage Hippodrome tour!

On 7th January 2012, Chris and I got the chance to have a backstage tour at the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre. ‘Robinson Crusoe and the Caribbean Pirates’ has been being shown at the theatre and we got the opportunity to see backstage with the Robinson Crusoe set and props etc.

Seeing backstage of such a big theatre really puts into perspective all the work that goes on unseen, the magic of theatre appears to be no ‘click of the fingers’ as it might look on stage. We saw everything from the ‘quick-change’ areas, to the prop tables, the fly floor and even where the stage manager sits as the production is taking place.

It was an amazing experience, seeing all the hard work that is put in backstage so that the audience are amazed at the magic shown onstage makes you appreciate how much time and effort goes into each and every night. It was extremely impressive seeing everything that makes the show what it is and I would highly recommend going to a backstage tour if you can!

The fly floor!

The fly floor!Backstage at the Hippodrome!

Backstage at the Hippodrome!

For more information on backstage tours click here

I am a blogger and member of Birmingham Hippodrome’s First Night Scheme, offering £5 tickets to 16-21 year olds – CLICK HERE to join the scheme for free.


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