Highlights at Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre and Updates #1

Picture 8

Highlights so far

From all the events and theatre performances I’ve been to as part of being a ‘First Night Blogger’ at Birmingham Hippodrome, a few have certainly stood out to me. Porgy and Bess, being the first show we saw was definitely a memorable one. I’d never seen an opera before and it was so different to any other show I’d seen.

The press launch of the Lion King was also amazing. Seeing all the work that has gone into producing the loved Disney film and turning it into a theatre performance was incredible. It really makes you appreciate the world of theatre 10 times more and also getting the chance to see exclusive performances of songs that will be in the show was amazing – the cast are certainly very talented. 


Robinson Crusoe also has to be a favourite of mine, the humour and atmosphere of the whole show really made the whole night enjoyable. It was put together so well and was hilarious. I can honestly say that it was my favourite panto I had ever seen!


The backstage tour of Birmingham Hippodrome was something else that really stood out to me. It was a really great experience as I got the chance to see something you never normally can. Seeing everything that goes on behind the curtains is amazing and you can tell how much effort is put into each and every performance.


Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Aladdin is currently showing until the 23rd February – click here for more information!

The Full Monty arrives at Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre on the 26th February and stays until the 2nd March –  click here for more information! It has also recently been given 5* by the Independent!

You can now watch a trailer for the West End’s favourite musical comedy, Hairspray, which will be coming to the Hippodrome from the 21st May to the 1st June!

Apply to become a First Night Blogger and for more information click here!


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