The Phantom Of The Opera Review

 The Phantom Of The Opera (Wed 13 Mar – Sat 4 May)

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The Phantom Of The Opera arrived at Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre on the 13th March as part of its new UK tour and it definitely did not fail to please the audience. The audience lost themselves in the story, captivated by Cameron Mackintosh’s new production of the musical.

Earl Carpenter, best known for being in Les Misérables and Phantom, did an incredible job of portraying ‘The Phantom.’ The emotion he put into the whole performance was astounding and really made it all so believable. However, you can’t forget his vocals, he sounded absolutely amazing and his duets with Christine were just incredible.


Katie Hall played the role of ‘Christine Daaé’ and from the very moment she stepped on stage you could tell just how talented she is, an all-round amazing, singer, dancer and actress. To start, her vocals were absolutely breath-taking and I can not flaw her singing one bit! The way she interacted with the characters (mainly ‘The Phantom’ and ‘Raoul’) and the energy she put into every part of the musical really pulled the whole show together. Simon Bailey also did an amazing job of playing the role of ‘Raoul’ and his vocals could not be faulted either. He made everything so believable – especially the part where he almost gets hung to death.

A few of my other favourite characters in the show have to be ‘Carlotta’, played by Angela M Caesar and ‘Monsieur Firmin’, played by Andy Hockley. Angela’s voice could reach notes that I didn’t think were even humanly possible to hit and Andy’s acting demonstrated his wealth of experience.

Out of all the shows I’ve seen, the set, designed by Paul Brown particularly stood out for me. It was beautiful and so realistic that you forget that it actually is just a piece of set, as to a real room that you’re standing in.

A moment that particularly stood out for me was when the giant chandelier (to anyone sitting in the stalls- it is actually above your head) smashed into pieces and parts of rubbery-jelly (made to look like glass) burst all over the audience.


The Phantom Of The Opera was a show I certainly won’t ever forget and I don’t think I’ll ever stop being envious of their vocal talent! I’d heard so many great things about the show and getting to see it for myself was amazing. I would thoroughly recommend it and if I were you, I’d grab tickets while you still can!

For more information or to book tickets click here.

I am a blogger and member of Birmingham Hippodrome’s First Night Scheme, offering £5 tickets to 16-21 year olds – CLICK HERE to join the scheme for free.

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