High Society Review

High Society Review

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High Society arrived at Birmingham Hippodrome, for it’s anticipated leg of the tour on the 14th May. I hadn’t heard too much about what the show was like so I really had no expectations, though after watching it I would highly recommend it, I felt it was very different to anything I’d seen before!

The basic plot is about a young woman, Tracy Lord, who is preparing to marry again. Her younger sister Dinah, doesn’t want her to marry the guy and her Mother isn’t happy either, but everything changes when her first husband Dexter returns. Although the plot might not seem all that much, many surprising things happen throughout the show which keep you on the edge of your seat – I didn’t foresee the ending at all!

The cast were amazing, Sophie Bould played the main part of Tracy Lord and she really has incredible talent – especially vocally! However, my two favourite characters in the show were Dinah Lord and Dexter Haven. Katie Lee played the character of Dinah, and even at the young age of 17, you could tell she was born to be on stage; you could feel her energy and passion. Dexter was played by Michael Praed who’s credits include Georg Von Trapp in the national tour of ‘The Sound of Music’ and even ‘Robin of Loxley’ in ITV’s ‘Robin of Sherwood’. I feel they really brought the show to life, their roles were believable and the on-stage chemistry between them felt real.

Another character that has to be mentioned was Mike Connor, played by Matt Corner. Unfortunately, Daniel Boys, who normally plays the role, was ill the night I went to see High Society and therefore Matt was the understudy. However, if you didn’t know he was the understudy, you really wouldn’t have been able to tell! He has so much talent and did an amazing job playing the character.

The set of High Society, was pretty simple, consisting of minimal furniture but it really worked with the way the show had been put together – a lot of the set changes included turning around set to create a new ‘room’.


Overall, I really enjoyed High Society, although at first I wasn’t too sure what I was going to make of it, I thought it had an interesting yet simple story-line and was certainly different to any other musical I’d seen before! It stays at the Hippodrome only until the 18th May so grab your tickets while you can or check out where the show is going next here.

If you need more convincing at the interval, we caught up with a member of the audience to hear what she thought of the show so far!

For more information or to book tickets click here.

I am a blogger and member of Birmingham Hippodrome’s First Night Scheme, offering £5 tickets to 16-21 year olds – CLICK HERE to join the scheme for free.

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