The process we went through in order to create the media, initially started with the pre-production. We sat down as a group and discussed our ideas, we put together a main idea and concentrated on adapting it to something everyone was happy to. We thought about all the pros and cons and worked well together as a team, we all managed to find a balance in contributing all of our ideas together. After producing our final idea, we broke it down into parts and discussed/researched into where we would film, and possible locations, our techniques we would use while filming, and how it would work when put together as a final project.

The filming went really well and all the shots we needed we managed to get which was really good. However, as I started to go through the rushes I noticed that some of the shots didn’t flow as well as hoped, so in the future I would remember to ensure we got as many shots as possible, as in this case it was a lot better to film more, rather than less. Therefore if I got the chance to re-do the filming, it would be the main thing I would concentrate to improve on.

Our group worked well together, and even when there may have been small disagreements, we all pulled through together and came up with an idea everyone was happy with. I’m happy with how the process has been so far and as a group we managed to get everything we initially aimed for.


Continuity/consistency of:

Content – position of props in shot


Camera angles



Types of edit:

Action edit – cut on movement

Screen position edit – position of things kept the same within the shot to keep the continuity between the two shots you’re putting together

Cinema form edit –

Combined edit – take a number of those elements and bring them together


Dissolve – link two characters/same character transition from young to old etc

Fade – the end/beginning, transition from one thing to another, from one world to another

Dip to black – one thing ended, another begins, two clips may or may not be related, just a passing of time is shown

Wipe – jump between two separate things

Slide – similar to wipe


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