The project of creating a short 3 minute film began with our pre-production, in which we came up with numerous ideas. We settled on the one idea to which we had all contributed our own individual ideas and therefore we were all happy with it. We started to bullet-point what would happen in the short film, and considered what would be the most appropriate genre and target audience. We then began to put effort into researching the location, as it had to be very specific, our short film was mainly to be set in a cemetery. We also planned what techniques would be used while filming and how it would be shot, as well as discussing the types of shot that would be appropriate and work well.

As it reached the production stage of creating the film, it was time to shoot and the cameras started rolling. We filmed a wide variety of shots and repeated the same shots to ensure the acting and lighting was just right. However, as I started to go through the rushes, I noticed some of the shots didn’t flow as well as I had initially hoped and therefore in the future, I would remember to film as much as possible to ensure that there would be enough footage to assure the film had good continuity throughout. If I had a chance to film again, the main aspect I would concentrate on would definitely be shooting extra to make sure there were many possibilities for each shot.

Finally came the post-production, in which we decided we would each edit together our own sequence and then look at them together as a group. Once doing so, we looked at each others and gave feedback as to what parts we liked. We came up with the decision as a group that my sequence was the one closest to what we were all happy with. However, we still each continued to edit our own as by this point, we all knew what we wanted in the film after giving each other feedback. We then met up mid-week as a group to check on each others films, and to see what had been adapted from each others films. As I had incorporated everyone’s ideas into mine and it was close to being finished, it was decided that mine would be the one we would choose as the main film. We added the finishing touches, such as the titles, credits and special effects and then exported the film.

We all worked well as a team, and even when there were small disagreements, we all realised we could just combine our different thoughts into one and create something everybody was happy with, including each of our own ideas. We managed to come up with something we were all really proud of and enjoyed watching. I think the thing I was most proud of was creating a short film, which stuck to the brief and was also a video we were all happy with. The thing I found the hardest and most difficult about the process was the initial deciding of the idea and adapting everyone’s ideas to a main idea.


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