3 Photos:

Rule of Thirds:



This shot portrays two people, a guy and a girl, who do not know each other and aren’t in contact. They are in separate thirds showing the audience that there isn’t a connection between the two, which is also proven by their body language and gestures.



This shot shows Shrek, right in the centre of the scene. He is in the centre third, showing the audience that this shot is all about the character Shrek and his actions, which is also reflected in his body language as he is looking very smug and confident. The audience directs its attention to Shrek as he is in the centre whereas all the other characters are further in the distance and spread out.




This shot shows a lot of people so it has been harder to direct the audiences focus and attention to one specific part, however the two characters are in the centre/right third, who coincidentally are closest to the camera are where the audiences focus will automatically direct to as they are closest to the camera and also are more or less directly in the centre of the shot.



Scene 1 – a long shot – a girl and a guy are shown on opposite ends of the screen. This portrays that they do not know each other already and aren’t that close. The image is showing the two people walking up to each other.

Scene 2 – a mid shot – the girl and guy meet and are talking, getting on really well and there is chemistry. They are a lot closer in this shot showing that they are interacting and also feel a lot closer to each other.

Scene 3 – a mid shot –  the girl and guy have got on really well with each other, after flirting, and have now shared a kiss. This shows they are now intimate and a lot closer showing the audience who they should be focusing on as this is in the centre of the rule of thirds.

Scene 4 – a wide shot –  the girl is confused as the guy has turned his back to check his phone. As they are now further apart, it leaves the audience wondering who they should focus/concentrate on.

Scene 5 – a close up shot – this shows a close-up of the text message the boy was hiding, who is from his real girlfriend who he is keeping secret to the girl he has just met. The audience are drawn into the text as it is the only thing shown on screen and also in the centre of the screen to show direct attention.


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