Developing Shots

Track – moving along with the action

Dolly – following in/out of action

Truck – moving along with the action

Crab – camera moves right or left

Pedestal – up and down movement

Jib – big arm on a tripod with the camera on the end

Crane – big jib (you stand on a crane)

Steadycam – harness on your body

Handheld – holding the camera free-hand without a tripod

Aerial – shot form above

The Apartment (1960)

– tracking shot to open – follows his journey through office

– static shops – simple – cutting between conversation

– few pans – when the other men leave the room

– boss is sitting on the desk – higher up – shows higher authority/position

– tracking sho – centre of shot – shows importance

– pans out – identity shown

– mid-shot – looks out into room – rule of thirds – shows authority over other workers

– non-diegetic music – powerful music – shows the power/success/achievement he feels

– confident stride – while power music plays

– all shot in B/W

– quite bright lighting – reflects bright mood

-artificial in main office

-natural lighting in his office


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