Ideas for final piece

3 Main Ideas:

  1. Base it on an audio book – include sound effects, dialogue, music when need be etc. I’ve looked at some best selling books and thought of which would work well being told as a story, with sound effects to match the plot as it happens. The audio book would simply be a narrator, possible different voices for different characters, and the use of sound effects while the dialogue is heard.
  2. A short radio show clip – either including a short interview or celebrity gossip news. This will include variation and dialogue, as well as jingles leading from one segment to another.
  3. A story built up purely of just sound & no dialogue. I would include sound effects, such as screaming or gasping etc, but no actual speech. The sound effects themselves are what will build up the whole story.

Ideas for books to narrate:

  • Harry Potter chapter – sound effects of wands/spells, different characters for dialogue
  • Cinderella – sounds of arguing with step-sisters, sweeping (cleaning)
  • Peter Pan – sounds of ‘fairy dust’ and the dog barking, and flying noises etc.
  • Wizard of Oz – squeaky oil can sound effect – tin man, footsteps yellow brick road etc.
  • Hunger Games

Ideas for a short radio show clip:

  • An interview – two people chatting about latest music, concerts etc
  • Showbiz news – the latest in celebrity gossip with mainly concentrating on pop stars & music news, but also award shows, TV stars etc.
  • Sports interview/clips – commentating a match, hear the crowd atmosphere etc.

Ideas for a story of just sound & no dialogue:

  • Car chase – sounds of panic, crash noises & skid noises, wild track –  atmosphere & weather – rain, wind, dogs barking, cars skidding, screams, gasps etc
  • Journey – walking, footsteps, different locations – city? Countryside? – wind, traffic, murmuring people etc.
  • Scary story (horror) – tension music, footsteps, screams, running etc, ‘spooky’ noises


Idea 1:

Peter Pan Idea –


Male voice – Peter Pan

Female voice – Wendy

Female voice – Narrator

Sound effects:

Bells – Tinkerbell

The sound clip will be made up of a narrator and the characters which are in the specific scene. It will be a 3 minute clip of the story of Peter Pan, and there will be a different voice for each character. It will be portrayed as a film without the visual, and with narration – when something happens in the scene (movement), you will hear footsteps etc. I have found a part of Peter Pan, it includes, Wendy, Peter Pan, the narrator, and a lot of sound effects which I think will work well within the piece.

Idea 2:

Radio Intro/Interview –



2 Presenters – dialogue

1 Caller – dialogue

Phone Ringing

I will create the start of a radio segment, it will include jingles, and two different voices for the presenters that will be in the studio. The start of the radio show will have the two presenters talking, and some jingles played, which will then lead into the start of an interview with a caller. You will hear the phone ringing, and a third person which has answered the phone-call to talk to the presenters live on air.

Idea 3:

Short horror/crime etc –

Sound effects:







There will be no dialogue and the whole piece will be purely made up of sound clips to tell the story. A rough idea I have had is to a wild track to create a dark cold, scary atmosphere, including owl noises (to suggest it’s night), eery sounds of wind etc. You will hear a scream in the distance, followed by gasps and footsteps loudly (as if the sounds are coming from the main person) and you will hear the heartbeat getting faster as the footsteps get quicker (suggesting running) to suggest that this person is getting away from something. There will then be sirens that go off and the sound clip will end.


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