00:10  – Peter Pan & Wendy open the scene, we learn there is some chemistry between them but it is obvious they have recently met.

00:20 – The narrator explains the situation and feeds some background information to the audience.

00:30 – Peter Pan explains some of his young childhood life.

00:40 – Tinkerbell is introduced and there is talk about fairies.

00:50 – Wendy can’t believe what Peter is saying about fairies and we learn that Tinkerbell is in the room.

1:00 – We first hear Tinkerbell, we learn her personality, that she is quite stubborn and sassy. We hear more about Peter Pans early childhood.

1:30 – We learn that Peter is quite a gentleman in the way he talks about girls. Wendy expresses this towards Peter as she is flattered.

2:00 – There is more chemistry between Peter Pan and Wendy and this is when Peter learns what a kiss is as Wendy suggests it. Tinkerbell is jealous of Peter’s female company and we see her personality.

2:30 – Wendy and Peter Pan chat and Wendy is asked by Peter whether she will come with him back to Neverland. Wendy wants to wake up her brothers.

3:00 – Wendy knows she can’t fly and Peter tells her that he will teach her. Wendy gets very excited about the prospect of seeing mermaids in Neverland.

3:30 – Peter Pan gets excited about the prospect of Wendy being in Neverland and getting to have female company, she starts to realise it would be quite fun.

4:00 – Wendy asks if Peter will teach her brothers to fly too so they can all have fun adventures in Neverland. Peter agrees and Wendy wakes up her brothers. The narrator starts to explain the situation as the scene develops.

4:30 – We meet Liza, the servant, who is talking to the dog about how the kids are asleep, but she doesn’t know the mischief they are up to. The brothers are intrigued about Peter being able to fly as he demonstrates around the room.

5:00 – Peter starts to explain to Wendy and her brothers about how all he has to do to fly is ‘think wonderful thoughts’ as he demonstrates.

5:30 – Everyone is very excited and exclaim ‘Look at me’ as they realise their feet are rising off the floor. They get excited over mermaids and pirates that they will see when they reach Neverland.

6:00 – They start to venture on to Neverland as Peter gives them directions.



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