Learning Contract:

  1. What is the film you’re working on?

The documentary I am making is on the topic of climate change. It will follow through the journey of protesters, covering why they feel so passionately about the topic, why they have protests/marches and what they do. The documentary will follow a local event run by ‘Peace Hub’, which will demonstrate what they do regarding global warming and climate change. Interviews will give information about the company, as well as demonstrate that although it is a multi-faith peace-walk, all the communities come together as one to give support for the mutual concern that is global warming. It will also show live footage of the walk and vigil and archive footage too.


  1. What is your role on the film?

My main role within the documentary is to film, alongside Georgia. This will mean I am in charge of capturing the footage well and making sure each shot looks professional and is usable. I will have to ensure the lighting is correct, the shots are in focus and we shoot everything that is needed.

We have all also been researchers throughout the pre-production stage of this project and will continue to do so, until we are confident we have all the information that we need and have organised entirely what and when we are filming.


  1. What do you want to gain from the process of creating this documentary?

There are two different things that I hope to gain throughout the whole process of creating the documentary. I firstly hope to gain knowledge and experience of the format of documentary making, learning about the style and how to shoot a successful documentary. However, along the way I also hope to learn about global warming and climate change and see how important it truly is, as currently I do not feel I know a lot of information about the topic. I hope the documentary will not only be eye-opening with the technical side of producing and filming a documentary, but also to learn a lot more about the subject.

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