Upload Tour

On Thursday 21st February 2013, the Upload tour came to Birmingham. It’s safe to say that you could tell it was going to be a good night just from the excitement in the atmosphere before the show had even started. The audience, mainly made up of teenagers, were thrilled to be seeing some of their favourite YouTube stars.

Tom Law hit the stage first, playing songs off his ‘Dropping In’ EP. He started with ‘If I Ever Lost You’ with the crowd singing it back to him. His voice sounded incredible and his guitar skills were insanely good. You could tell from his first song alone how passionate he is about music and performing and he really connected with the audience throughout his time on stage. By the end of Tom’s performance, the crowd knew that if they were going by what he sounded like, they were going to be in for a treat for the rest of the night.

BriBry was up next and from the moment he stepped on the stage he was wooing the crowd with his accent. When he began to sing, his 6’5″ presence was captivating and his irish lilt gave an individual flair to all of his songs. His real life experiences successfully impacted his songwriting and this showed through his truly delightful voice. After playing her numerous videos, he’s also now my Mum’s favourite YouTube acoustic artist.

Eddplant followed and this original Brummy expressed his joy for playing to his home crowd. My favourite song that he performed was definitely ‘Girl Can’t Dance’ and despite the irony, got me dancing. I originally had heard of Eddplant from singing songs in ‘Sons of Admirals’ but I must say, I love his originals twice as much. His talent really shone on stage and he put so much energy and effort into his performance, which really paid off.

Dave Giles was last but certainly not least to hit the stage, singing songs from his album ‘Love, Life, Loss and Tea’. He started with ‘I Am What I Am’ which was a favourite of mine and the crowd responded by laughing at the humerous anecdotes he intertwined with the lines of his song. This up-tempo performance resulted in an energetic atmosphere and the audience were loving his set. Even when the mood was taken down a notch with his song ‘Waiting Room Blues’ the crowd did not fail to sing along and appreciate the amazing talent that Dave has!

Throughout the whole night you could tell just how much all the acts enjoy performing, putting 110% into their performances and showcasing all of their incredible talent. They finished with a big surprise, leaving the audience craving more and all I can say is you’re definitely in for a treat if you’re lucky enough to be heading down to one of their final shows.

Dave Giles:

Tom Law:





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