• understanding
  • knowledge and
  • skills required to plan and produce corporate and promotional programmes

Codes and Conventions:

  • style
  • content
  • form (promos, training, information, music, sales)

NEXT promotional video

  • explains what the role expects of you, what it involves and provides information about it
  • style: inform what to do on the job for potential workers
  • step-by-step guide
  • company procedures
  • Form – training
  • use of sub-titles to show they aren’t discriminating – cater for all

Bring It On Musical promotional video

  • Demonstrated what you could expect from the show – more visual than informatory
  • simple but effective
  • includes reviews, date release
  • fast-paced and keeps you engaged
  • website details, ticket info and links to the Facebook page are shown
  • appeals to target audience
  • suits product

Samsung promotional video

  • suspense music
  • story line – unrealistic (secret anent style)
  • demonstrated product in use and what it can be used for – varied
  • advertising product
  • no speaking on screen text tells you fact

Final Major Projecct

  • Be able to originate, develop and research an idea for a media product
  • Be able to pitch a proposal for a media product
  • Be able to manage a production process to create a media product
  • Budget is key
  • Bectu = rate cards/chargex
  • 37.2 days (31 weeks)



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