BeLF – My Client

For our Final Major Project we have to create a 5 minute promotional video for a specific client.

My client is BeLF.

BeLF is a charity, that works in partnership with schools, parents and sponsors so that students have access to the latest technology, at home and at school. Their aim is ensure everyone has the latest technologies so that they can be helped further with their work and gain more opportunities. BeLF also aim to inspire, motivate and engage young minds so that they can achieve and be the best that they can be. Also, recent research has been shown that children that get access to technology, get better grades.


My aim for the 5 minute promotional video for BeLF is to show what the company is and does, inspiring people to get involved, showing footage of their work and some interviews with the CEO of BeLF and other workers at the company. It will be a fast paced, snappy video to keep the viewer engaged and also promote the business positively. The idea for the video is that it will attract more sponsors for BeLF and therefore make BeLF be able to continue with their good work, helping students be the best they can be by being able to have the latest technology in school and at home.


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