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In my group, for creating the short film ‘Empowered’ I was the director and script-writer. In this process I therefore wrote the script for the short film, edited the script with my group and printed off the final copies. The script included the set for each scene, stage directions and all the dialogue. However, to adapt the script for on-screen, it was mostly giving direction on-set to the actors and introducing them to their character and the role they would have to play. As most of the sound is diegetic, not many side-notes needed to be added to the script about what would be heard, when. The  non-diegetic sound included, was a voice-over and also the occasional sound effect.

Taking on the role of director was something I wouldn’t initially think I would be able to do as I wasn’t too sure on how confident I would be controlling a group but I learnt from the experience. Rumer Cooper was the production manager, Jamie Perrett was in control of editing throughout post-production and Cameron Stokes was the cameraman.  I thought the production of what we filmed went well; we managed to film what we needed quickly and professionally and we all pulled together as a team. For me, it was stressful at first having never done anything like it, but I took on the role and learnt throughout the experience.

Throughout the production of ‘Empowered’ I think I personally am most proud of how I took on the role of director, having never been one before. I learnt from being in the position of having to control what was going on and feel more open about being a director/taking on a new role in the future. However, for the actual production of ‘Empowered’ I am most proud of how the post-production has gone. As the short film includes super powers, the post-production was the key part of making the whole film come together. The editing went really smoothly and worked really well with the  ideas of the vision I had for it initially.

The actors and actresses were also professional, learning their scripts and practicing in their own time which I think really helped the whole production come together as it was easier for them to get into role, especially when they knew the type of character/the personality of the character they were playing.

I think I’m least proud of the way we managed our time. We had planned to film on several days, but due to actors/actresses having assessments, sometimes everything didn’t go to plan and therefore looking into the actors/actresses time-tables would be something I would aim to do for next time so we could manage our time better and get as much footage as possible. Consequently this would be an improvement I would make for next time and also planning to shoot the footage as early as we could, leaving more time to edit especially when the editing is a key part of the production.

If I were to do the whole thing again, I think I would ensure that our pre-production and planning was done early on so that we had more time for casting actors/actresses and that we could film and get all the footage we needed to leave more time for post-production.  If the pre-production was better, it would have improved our shoot as we would have got the actors/actresses sorted earlier on, leaving more time for casting and more time for rehearsing the scenes with the actors on set. If we completed the filming quicker we could always re-do parts if in editing the shots didn’t work. I would also ensure that everyone knew exactly what they were doing and that they definitely turned up on time. I would also ensure the shots we used didn’t include plugs or windows/blinds so that we didn’t have to edit as much, using up our time when we could have been improving our after-effects for when we shot the characters showing their super powers.

I learnt a lot from the whole experience of the short film that we created as I think being put into a role that I would not usually think to go for meant I grew from being put into the position and learnt new skills. I really enjoyed the whole process from pre to post-production and also working with people that I usually wouldn’t work with, we all got chances to put our knowledge and skills and show them to the best of our ability through our individual roles. The ideas that I would like to develop next would be something completely different – not a science fiction short film, but a romantic comedy or something completely contrasting as it would give me yet another challenge to rise to.


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