My Future

Ideally something to do with photography/video


and looking at how people have made it into the industry >

People who I’ve been following with steps they’ve taken: Dean Sherwood and Tom Leishman.

Dean Sherwood is a director, cinematographer and photographer and has been for 10 years.


He has built up his portfolio gradually and now does tour photography/creates music videos for well-known people/music artists/bands. Some of his most well-known work has been tour photography for McFly and N-Dubz, a short film following One Direction on their radio tour and a live acoustic performance and also a TV advert for Sainsbury’s.

Tom Leishman is a self-taught photographer, who similarly built up his portfolio.


He now does work for artists such as McFly, live artists and also does a lot of fashion photography.
Other photographers have mainly got into the photography business through starting local and taking photos of their friends/local music events/bmx-ers etc. From there they have gradually contacted magazines and other businesses to see if their images wanted to be used or if they wanted any photographs taken for their company.

What I need to do:

– Continue to build up a portfolio

– Continue to gain experience

– Learn new skills

– Work experience

– Get my work known

Some of my work can be found here

Uni courses I’ve looked at:
I went to the DMU open day on Saturday 10th March 2012 and viewed the facilities and course.
Uni courses I’m going to look at:

Brighton –
Bristol –
Websites I’ve looked at:

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