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 Our rounds for our Quiz Show:


  1. TV-Intro’s round – theme tunes
  2. MUSIC-Higher/lower – Name song – position in chart
  3. MUSIC-what year – number 1
  4. CELEBS-Guess who/who said what (clips of celebs)
  5. CELEBS-Distorted images (guess)
  6. FILM STARS-Who wore it better ( we didn’t end up using this round )
  • Intro’s round:

Saved By The Bell

Disney Movie Intro

Britain’s Got Talent


One Tree Hill

The Only Way Is Essex



Big Brother

Knight Rider

Mr. Bean

Lizzie Mcguire

  • Higher/Lower/Dead on UK TOP 40

Macklemore – Thrift Shop (featuring Ryan Lewis and Wanz) – NUMBER 7 NUMBER 5 HIGHER OR LOWER?


Bridgit Mendler – Ready Or Not NUMBER 8 NUMBER 12 HIGHER OR LOWER

Nelly – Hey Porsche NUMBER 17



Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven NUMBER 24 HIGHER OR LOWER 24

  • Number 1 Year/Month(multiple choice)

Down – Jay Sean 2009

Adele – Someone Like You February 2011

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe August 2012

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance November 2009

Spice Girls – Spice Up Your Life October 1997

Busted – Crashed The Wedding 2003

S Club 7 – Don’t Stop Movin’ 2001

Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back 2006

Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love 2003

Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude 2011

Beyoncé – Single Ladies January 2009

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are October 2010

Michael Jackson – Thriller 1983

Take That – Rule The World 2007

Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together August 2012

James Arthur – Impossible December 2012

  • Celebrity Guess Who/Who Said What

Zayn Malik

The Saturdays – Vanessa

Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber

Demi Lovato

Ed Sheeran

  • Distorted Images

Katy Perry

katy perry


Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj


Conor Maynard

conor maynard




Rihanna Visits the "106 & Park" Show in New York City on November 15, 2010




Johnny Depp

johnny depp


Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Robert Downey Jr

robert edited


Emma Stone

emma stone


Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrence


  • Who Wore It Better (public vote) – (which we didn’t end up using)

Chloe Moretz/Alexa Chung

Rihanna/ Katy Perry

Rachel McAdams/Nicole Kidman

Jesy Nelson/Cheryl Cole

Rita Ora/ Laura Whitmore

Mollie King/Alesha Dixon

Jennifer Lawrence/ Emeli Sande

Miley Cyrus/ Frankie Sandford

  • PANEL:

Zina Brown

Cameron Stokes

Emma O’Brien

Suhayl Iqbal

  •          GALLERY:



Hello and welcome to the first GirlsLikeGossip Quiz Show! We are your hosts Katie and Aemelia and we are joined by some very special guests, do you want to introduce your teams? n the ____ team we have team captain Jaack Riley,

And on the _____ team we have team captain Ellie with her team…

So for the first round, it’s going to be all about TV and we’ll play some theme tunes and you’ve got to write down the answers on them

The points at the end of this round are…. ____ team with __ points and ___ team with ___ points.

Next up we have…


So on this round….



Celebrity Juice


Multi Camera

A multi-camera show is simply what it says – a show that uses more than one camera. There are many different types of productions that use multiple cameras, such as:

Live events:

  • Concerts (Festivals such as Glastonbury etc)
  • Sports (Football, Rugby etc)

Stage Productions Public Events

Studio Productions:

  • Game Shows (The Cube)
  • Chat Shows (Loose Women)
  • News Magazines
  • Studio-based drama (sitcoms – with a live audience)
  • Talent Shows (X Factor/Britain’s Got Talent)
  • Reality Shows

The main reasons that multiple cameras are used in these types of shows is to cover all the action, particularly in sports. In a football match, there is usually around 18 different cameras to ensure everything is covered – make sure they have all different types of shots (close-up/wide shot etc) so that they haven’t missed anything important. They are also so they have back-up shots, in case a particular shot was out of focus. Multi-camera shows allow a lot more communication to the viewer, meaning they will get a better understanding of the show and what is happening. It also ensures the viewers maintain interest as it wouldn’t be, for example, one wide-shot the whole way through which would get boring, especially as you wouldn’t be able to focus in on who’s speaking or what was happening (you’d have to keep a close eye on the screen). Multi-camera production shows also allow you to choose what shot you want when. If something went wrong or something embarrassing happened and you couldn’t re-shoot, you could simply use a different shot which you couldn’t see the problem in.

Overall, multi-camera productions are a lot better as they allow the viewer to get a better feel for the production. If it was a single camera show, you may miss what is happening and wouldn’t be able to understand the show as much. Having multiple cameras are especially needed in football matches and other important events as you have to be able to exactly tell what is going on to ensure you understand.

Analyse 2 Multi Camera Shows

Celebrity Juice


Celebrity Juice, is a multi-camera quiz show, presented by Keith Lemon. There are two panels, with Holly Willoughby as the team captain on one, and Kelly Brook as the other.

The camera’s are positioned so that there is:

  • Shot of Holly’s team (mid-shot)
  • Shot of Kelly’s team(mid-shot)
  • Shot of Keith Lemon (close-up)
  • Close-up of specific person who’s talking
  • Long-shot so you can see the whole studio (both panels and Keith Lemon)

The shots are used so that you can see close-ups of who’s talking, or a mid-shot if people are having a conversation/to see expressions. The long shots are mainly used if they are playing a game/using the floor in front of the desks so that you can have a better view of what is going on.



Splash was a talent competition, in which Olympic diver Tom Daley teaches 6 celebrities each week how to dive, and then do their best dive to the 3 judges to see who goes through to the next round.

The camera’s are positioned so that there is:

  • Mid-shot of the presenters
  • Wide-shot of the whole Studio (so you can see the divers/pool and the audience)
  • Close-ups of the divers on the diving board
  • Long-shot of the divers, diving
  • Birds eye view as they dive
  • Mid-shots in the swimming pool
  • Close-up shots of the audience
  • Mid-shots of the divers

These allow the audience to see exactly what is happening, the viewers will get a feel for exactly how the dive went and how the audience reacted. The wide-shots allow you to see exactly how the TV programme is set up, while the close-ups are mainly used to show reactions and expressions.

Multi Camera Production Evaluation

I am most proud of the editing process, it took a very long time to complete and was very complicated and confusing – especially ensuring the audio was synced up to the video. It was quite stressful at times but I overcame the problems and persevered until I was happy with the outcome.

I’m not least proud of the planning on the day that we shot the multi-camera. As there was a lot to set up – lighting, sound, camera, panel, auto-cue, script, TV screen etc, it was hard to get it all done while making sure it looked effective on camera. However in the end the shoot went really well although there were technical difficulties along the way. This was also probably the most difficult part of the process, along with the editing. The editing was the most time consuming, but the setting-up of the shoot had to be just right to ensure we got the outcome we wanted by it looking and feeling professional and realistic.

The easiest part of the process was probably the pre-production. I already knew a lot about multi-camera production as you witness them on TV in day-to-day life. I had also had the opportunity to be in a live TV audience for a few so I had already got a feel for them and what goes on.

The most fun part would be the actual production. As soon as the cameras were rolling, all the technical problems were forgotten about and I was able to enjoy myself and concentrate on it.

I am proud of my time management and planning within the multi-camera production unit. I managed to get everything done from pre to post-production in the time I wanted to, while being happy with the final piece. The planning really helped, as it ensured that during the production it meant I knew exactly what was happening when. I had planned thoroughly each segment of the quiz show, along with what needed to be shown on the TV screen at certain points. This left me feeling very confident, as I had covered all eventualities.

Throughout this process, I learnt that if I stay confident in my work and do all the appropriate research and planning as much as I can, then the problems will resolve in time and it will all go to plan. Learning this, I feel, will help me in the future as I know for future projects that confidence and planning are the two key things that help me.

If I did this unit differently, the only thing I would have done was shoot my Quiz Show earlier than I did, allowing me more time to edit and go over my work thoroughly. However, I am very happy with the way it turned out in the end. The initial idea, was just to do a basic quiz show and I didn’t imagine it would turn out how it as, but I am proud of the final outcome.


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