Commercials (TV/Radio) Research

Styles of different TV/Radio commercials:

  • Modern A modern radio ad is a new, up to date commercial showing the latest products/new releases. It portrays the latest products as being the only one of its kind and therefore a ‘must-have’.


  • Pastiche/sound motif– An imitation/parody of original work, artist or period. Also using sound to advertise the product, e.g. Go Compare- has a catchy song that would get inside the audiences head. They can also be used as a TV advert, but they work without the visual on the radio so can be used as both TV and radio commercials.


  • HumorousA radio/TV commercial, which amuses its audience through the use of humour. For a humorous TV or Radio ad they use slapstick comedy and canned audience laughter, which reinforces the humour behind it.


  • Controversial- A radio/TV ad that the public may disagree or have strong opinions about.  This therefore makes people think/talk about the audience more which then may make the listener to buy the product/find out more about it.
  • ConversationalIncludes an informal conversation to which the audience can relate. It is a realistic advert in which may include something that happens in day-to-day life.
  • Repetition- When a radio/TV commercial is on frequently/has a repeated song/slogan through its commercials to signify the company.

          Example The phrase ‘Autoglass repair, Autoglass replace’ repeats to get stuck in your head.

  • Factual-An advert that gives facts and information that could be useful to the audience. They are often formal and include statistics to shock the listener.
  • Seductive– A tempting and attractive commercial to draw in the audience, e.g. by using a seductive voice. In the TV adverts they use stereotypical dream guys to advertise the products.

         Example:   In this advert it suggests that if women buy Aero Bubbles they will get the same desirable pleasure that the man got in the advert.

  • Surreal– An advert that includes a mix of fact and fantasy, normally bizarre and abnormal to keep the audience engaged/intrigued.

          Example:  This advert implies that if you spray the perfume, Justin Bieber will appear in your room and be all over you. It gives you the impression that the smell is irresistible and its what Justin Bieber would like his girl to smell like.

  • Serious-A serious advert is one, which includes information or facts to surprise or make the audience realize something that they didn’t know.


  • PSA (public service announcement)-  A PSA commercial is one which gives formal information and states facts to the public to give them awareness on something that’s happening/changes that are being made.


Saatchi & Saatchi

They are a global advertising agency based in 80 countries, it was originally based in London, the headquarter in New York. Kevin John Roberts (born 1949) has been the Chief Executive Officer Worldwide of the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi since 1997

Ridley Scott

He is a British director aged 74 from South Shields. In 1968, Ridley and Tony Scott founded Ridley Scott Associates (RSA), a film and commercial production company.  Ridley Scott is most famous for directing/producing the following films; The Duellists, Alien, Blade Runner, Legend, Thelma & Louise, G.I. Jane, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Hannibal, Kingdom of Heaven, American Gangster, Body of Lies, Robin Hood and many more. Ridley Scott has been nominated for three academy  awards for directing. Other awards that he has been nominated for are a Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.  His career began during the 1970s working at the RSA.  Ridley Scott made television commercials in the UK which included the 1974 Hovis Advert.

Different ways of Advertising;

TV ads –  TV Ads are shown on television to promote/advertise products, companies, events artists etc.  A TV advert conveys a message to the audience which is to mainly to market a product. The positives of a TV advert is that they are played more than once on the television so more people can see them and the audience will then become familiar with the adverts, also if they have a catchy video, song attached to the advert people will again become familiar to it  and might even enjoy watching the advert. The Negatives of a TV advert is that before a tv advert is aired on the television it has to go through ASA to see if the advert meets certain requirements and is suitable/not offensive to put forward.

Radio – Another way of advertising is through radio.  There are no visuals attached to the advert that is played on the radio however in a radio advert they promote the product/company etc through words,  catchy slogans and jingles. The positives of a radio advert are most radio adverts have a slogan which links to the product/company, so if the slogan is catchy it will become familiar to the listeners.  The jingles that are also included in radio adverts usually also become addictive to the listeners so the adverts would stick in their heads. The negatives of radio advertising is that there are no visuals to the adverts so the listeners have to imagine and have their own idea of what they are actually advertising.

Print – Print advertising is advertising products through newspapers, magazines, catalogues or mailers. Print advertising isn’t used as much to this day as technology is changing. You can access magazines, catalogues and mailers via the internet now as for some people it is easier.  The positives of print advertising is that it is a mixture of  photographs and a written description of the product being advertised. The negatives of print advertising is that because technology keeps changing, not many people look at ads in magazines, newspapers etc as you can look at new products on the internet.

Internet – Advertising on the internet is becoming more popular as people use the internet every day worldwide. You can advertise on the internet through social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc., and you can also advertise through companies websites. Positives of advertising on the internet is that it is very easy to advertise and its gets around everywhere as the internet is used worldwide. Negatives of advertising on the internet is that it can be interpreted in the wrong way of some sort.

Billboard– A billboard is a large outdoor board that is used for displaying advertisements. The positives of a billboard is that they are visible to see, as they are very big, billboards usually have large images to promote the company/product. The negatives of advertising on a billboard is that they don’t include much information as they are mainly a visible source of advertising.

Blimp – A blimp is a form of advertising companies from the sky,  its accessible to see as it is high up in the sky. The positives of a blimp is that it is attached to the ground securely so that its able to use in all weather conditions.  A negative is that if your quite far away from the blimp you may not be able to see what actually it is promoting.


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