What is a radio advert?

A radio advert is a commercial which is heard to promote a specific brand/product. They are heard to convey a message (PSA) or persuade you to buy the product and grab your attention. Radio commercials range from short and snappy ads at 10 seconds to 45 second radio ads.

How are they produced and who is involved?

Radio adverts are produced using software in which you input the audio and add in jingles/beds etc. There are also websites that will help create jingles/short snippets of audio for you such as:

What does a client have to do to get an ad out on radio?

Ad agency/marketing department

Commercial radio station



Many radio stations offer advertisers the option to purchase shorter commericals as time is money on the radio and also for a start will offer the advertisement to be put on a less popular time of day rather than rush hour. Some companies that create advertisements for some brands may also have a partnership with a radio company and therefore it may be easier for a specific company to get their radio commercial put on air.

Research and explain how producers select audiences/select the appropriate radio stations and TV channels and identify time slot for their ads to be shown on

Depending on what the radio show is they’ll know from the time slot what kind of audience they will have. For example, at rush hour in the morning and evening it will be adults driving to/from work and also parents driving their children to/from school so they will play radio advertisements that appeal to families, i.e. offers, family day out, events, insurance etc. What radio station the advertisement will be played on will also depend on what the radio ad is about, i.e. if it was promoting a classical artist it would be on Classic FM and if it was a chart hit or family event it may be on Heart FM/Capital FM.

Codes and Conventions of a Radio advertisement

RACC- Radio Ads Commercial Clearance – The RACC is commercial radio’s advertising body. RACC is part of the Radio Centre and it’s funded by commercial radio stations that pay copy clearance fees

Modern ads

The Nando’s radio advert is very effective as it promotes Nando’s in a humorous way. There is stereotypical Portuguese music on in the background with a male voice over on top. There is a lot of emphasis on the repeated phrase “If you are happy, we are happy” to portray a relaxed atmosphere at the restaurant. All these add together to create a successful radio commercial to bring new and returning customers to Nando’s.

The Subway radio advert is also very effective as it has a clear message about Subway’s new snack menu. Subway uses celebrity endorsement as the american comedian Rich Fulcher does the voice over for the advert which makes the listener engaged as his voice captures their attention. It is set in a car and they use this as a metaphor suggesting the steering wheel is like a pretzel. There is also added emphasis on the words “hungry” “89p” “snack menu” “giant pretzel” and “real food, real quick”. All these points capture the listeners attention as the phrases are said in a bold voice and are showing that Subway does not just create sandwiches anymore but also has a new snack menu.

Retro ads



These adverts are both very different to the modern radio commercials. These two radio adverts are both quite long in comparison, and they were the shortest retro radio ads I could find (most were over a minute and a half). They include catchy jingles and therefore they stick in your head so when you are thinking of a similar product then you will think of that product. For example, if you were hungry and had the McDonalds ‘I’m loving it’ stuck in your head then it might make your mind be persuaded to buy a McDonalds.

Breakfast radio show commercials:

Capital FM:

Compare the market

3 month vodafone free data with iPhone 4S

Bridal+prom event

Smart TV

Big Johns

Maureen 118 212

Clothes show live event

3 month vodafone free data with iPhone 4S


Ski holiday

Harveys furniture

Maureen 118 212

These commercials all appeal to the audience of teenagers/young women/young couples/people that are starting off families. They are played on morning rush hour. The same set of adverts are also replayed during evening rush hour too.


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