What are TV ads?

TV ads are advertisements/commercials that are shown on TV to promote or advertise something (normally a brand or product).


The first TV commercial was broadcasted in the United States on July 1st 1941.

The advertisement was for Bulova, paying $9 for a placement on New York station, which was shown before a baseball game. The first TV ad broadcasted in the UK was on ITV on the 21st September 1955. Until the early 1990’s, advertising on television had only been affordable/available for large companies, but the advent of desktop video allowed many small/local businesses to produce TV ads for airing on local cable TV services.

Purpose/Why we have TV ads

TV ads are shown to promote/publicise products and businesses. Therefore, they will get business and make profit so their business expands.

Mass Audience-create potential new customers

Targeting-advertisements go on channels that may relate to their product or service

Identity-creating a brand/creating links between the viewers’ mind and the advertisements


Who is involved in producing a TV ad?

What does a client have to do to get an ad out on TV?

  • Contact Ad Agency/Marketing department – Director – Producers (Production Company)
  • Link to TV- Consumer/customers

Analyse 2 modern TV Ads

Nikon – Coolpix

This advertisement is to promote a new camera by the brand Nikon. It shows different moments that you would be able to capture and therefore remember if you had the camera and therefore makes you want to buy it. It also uses celebrity endorsement through the use of Robbie Williams on stage capturing a photograph of the audience. The advert promotes the product really well and it shows the difference you would have in your life if you had a Nikon Coolpix camera and were able to capture moments in your life.

Burberry – Body

This advertisement is for Burberry’s new perfume Body which is directed by Christopher Bailey, featuring British actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and shot by Mario Testino in London. At the begin of the advert you see a back of a women then it cuts to a close up of the perfume bottle, slowly thought out the ad as she is revealed to the audience so it is the perfume..  We believe that concept of the ad is that sometimes all you need to wear is perfume. The ad is very sexual due to the fact she is slowly removes her coat.


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