Music Radio Production

CHR – Contemporary Hit Radio

Capital, 1XTRA, Radio 1 (16-24)

AC – Adult Contemporary

Free, Heat, BBC 6, Real, R2


Kerrang, Planet Rock, BBC3, Classic FM, Kiss, 1XTRA


Gold/Free Radio 80’s

Easy listening

Smooth Radio

This is an analysed Radio slot from 11:45-12:15 on Capital FM (17th October)

This morning we have been analysing a 30 minute slot at 10am on Heart FMand comparing it to a 30 minute slot on Radio 1 at 11:15 to see the difference in the presenters style.

Heart FM: Toby Anstis – 10:00-10:30am

Introduction to the show – Tony – date (reflects the day) – Happy Halloween – no more trick or treaters – here come the tunes

(into track-Ain’t Nobody -Rufus & Chaka Khan) 80’s song, female vocal


(into track – Drive By – Train) current song, male vocal

JINGLE *segue*

(into track – Karma Chameleon – Culture Club) 80’s song

on Monday morning – Alicia Keys (Heart artist) performing on Love Music Live (Heart event) – flying in from America

(into track – I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz) current song, male vocal


(into track – End Of The Road – Boyz II Men)


(into track – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script)

Sequel to Inbetweeners movie -time – it’s Wednesday morning – listening to Heart with Tony – Olly Murs and Skyfall soon – brand new listeners (shout-outs, interaction with audience) – picture texted in of Halloween pumpkin – text in a picture (plug) – Heart website (plug) – text in if you’re a new listener (plug)


Heart FM –

Branding is a very prominent key part of Heart FM. Each link the presenter does, they mention you are listening to Heart FM or something to do with their brand.

Tony sounds scripted and not very uplifting.

6 tracks played

Radio 1: Fearne Cotton – 11:15-11:45am

(into track – Au Seve – Julio Bashmore) current song

Amazing song – website (plug) to see Fearne Cotton/her Mum scared – read out texts about her being spooked in the Haunted House – website and YouTube video (plug)

(into track – Sun – Two Door Cinema Club) current song (6 months old)

JINGLE *segue*

(into track – One More Night – Maroon 5) current song

Songs that you can reminisce – introduce new tracks

(into track – Zim Zimma – Sneakbo) current song

New track from Ben Howard – excited -Live Lounge – 2 vintage tracks – what’s coming up



(into track – Hall Of Fame – The Script ft. Will.I.Am) current song

JINGLE *segue*

(into track – Not Giving In – Rudimental, John Newman & Alex Clare) current song


Wiley was in Live Lounge – online (plug) – what track he covered – looking back to last month – Muse in Live Lounge – Fearne missed it – disappointed – going to play the Live Lounge track Madness by Muse (introduce song)

(into Live Lounge version of track – Madness – Muse)


Live Lounge version of Muse was pitch perfect – read out texts – earlier in February – Jessie J Live Lounge – cover of We Found Love

(into Live Lounge version of covered track -We Found Love – Jessie J)

Radio 1 –

Fearne Cotton sells the music she plays, she ‘bigs-up’ each track saying something very positive either before or after the track has been on.

Fearne sounds very happy and cheery and although she may have points scripted for her, her presenting style is very natural and enthusiastic.

8 tracks played

Chapter of ‘Top 10 Things That Make A Successful Radio Show) from It’s Not What You Think by Chris Evans

  1. Content, content, content
  2. Put yourself down before anyone else has the chance to
  3. Be yourself but just a bigger version
  4. Never forget music is your friend
  5. Empower the listeners
  6. Reflect the world
  7. Reflect the day
  8. Avoid your weaknesses
  9. Play on your strengths
  10. Know your audience

Music Programmes – Types and Styles

There are many different types of music-based programmes, from Capital FM, a contemporary hit radio station, to Free Radio, an adult contemporary radio station, to Kerrang, a specialist radio station. They all provide their listeners with different things and are very specific to their target audience with what they talk about and what tracks they will play.

Capital FM is all about the latest hits and chart music; they keep on top of the latest brand new tracks to broadcast them out to their listeners (with a main target audience of 16-25 year olds). A key main focus of Capital FM is that they are always talking about the latest celebrity gossip, as they know this will appeal to their listeners. On Sunday’s, like most CHR station’s, they will broadcast the Vodafone UK Top 40 Chart show.

Free Radio, an adult contemporary radio station, plays music that will appeal to a wider target audience. Free Radio does still tend to play the latest chart music, but they cover a wider range of music and artists, not just specific to a ‘pop’ genre or a young target audience.

Kerrang is a specialist radio station and therefore is completely different to both CHR and AC stations as Kerrang tend to focus on rock, alternative, metal, punk and indie music. You would never find the same song played on Capital FM and Kerrang, as their target audiences are both completely different. For example, you would never hear You Me At Six or Green Day on Capital FM, but similarly you would never hear Rihanna or Justin Bieber on Kerrang, as both radio stations are very specific to what music they play.

CHR stations are also very different to BBC stations, in that BBC Radio tends to be a lot more formal, national and serious – especially in their news broadcasts. Whereas, Capital FM would focus on entertainment and local news a lot more as their target audience is a younger generation and they need to keep their listeners engaged.

How the music is chosen/scheduled

On Wednesday 14th November, Steve Woodhall, a music scheduler from BBC Local Radio talked to us all about how the music is chosen and scheduled and all about BBC LR. BBC LR is primarily speech based, with the key aspects being local news and conversation. Less than 40% of the radio programmes is music and the tracks played must complement the speech and fit in with the topics talked about. The music also has to be very popular with the listeners so it encourages people to keep listening and keep them engaged. They also tend to have an adult/older audience so the music isn’t the main reason the listeners tune in for.

There are many different methods of choosing what music will be played on the radio station such as:

–       Phone-out (less personal)

–       Auditorium (AMT)

–       Online – best for younger audiences

The auditorium tests work by having 150 people in a room, that listen/test up to 700 songs. A short ‘hook’ is played from each song, however depending on how well known the track is they will play the sample for shorter or longer. The criteria for the tests tend to be:

–       2/3 women

–       Ages 55-70

–       Listening habits – 50% BBC LR / 50% R2 or ILR (independent local radio)

The 150 people then rate the song with the choices of:

–       Positive

–       Favourite

–       Negative

–       Neutral

–       Unfamiliar

The radio stations schedule the tracks played so that there are a variety of different song types played, and so that there is a balance of male/female/group vocals, slow/medium/fast tempos (to keep the same mood) and also a balance of era’s – gold/silver/contemporary – 60’s-00’s.

The current playlist is a small list of 10 songs that includes new songs to provide contemporary edge to sound; it is scheduled on a higher rotation so that the songs are played more frequently. A specific committee also chooses the new releases, not the AMT’s as they are usually too new to test. There is a weekly playlist meeting in which members from various stations attend to decide on the playlist.

The feedback is ultimately via RAJAR figures, however music only accounts for 30-40% so often there is listener research and listener calls so that there is direct feedback.

Key Terms:

Segue = playing one track into another


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