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Title: keeping hold of spoons

Tagline: EDS; what is life like with an invisible illness


I have a genetic medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome type 3 (EDS). This documentary explores how it affects my day-to-day life, looking at what the near future may hold while being on the road to recovery. This film shows the process of strengthening joints in the hope of preventing the need for patella reconstructive surgery. I experience frequent dislocations, fatigue and unexplained bruising which are constant set-backs. Can determination and hard work in training prevent an operation that requires breaking and realigning bones? The struggles and exhaustion caused by the disorder over an average day is demonstrated by the ‘Spoons Theory’, which gives an indication of the physical and mental stress the condition causes.


This documentary will follow the journey of strengthening muscles to prevent the need for reconstructive operations. It will start by explaining what Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome type 3 actually is, to give some brief background information, and then follow onto the repercussions of having the disorder and why the surgery may be needed. It will explain why it is so important, what is needed to be done and the time limit. The struggles along the way will be documented, such as dislocations in all joints and bruising which can not be prevented.


  • what it will explore
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This documentary will give its viewers’ knowledge and awareness into type 3 of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, EDS. It will begin with basic facts to give the viewer an insight into the condition, such as statistics and features/symptoms. ‘Keeping Hold of Spoons’ will concentrate primarily on my experience with Ehlers-Danlos, and the decisions and struggles I have to face in order to prevent serious reconstructive patella surgery. There will be an interview where I discuss my story of how it all began when I was just a one year old baby, mentioning dislocations, physiotherapy, operations and my diagnosis.
A day in the life will be shown as cut-aways from the interview, in which the spoons theory will help explain and demonstrate daily struggles. The interview will give an extremely personal feel to the documentary, allowing the viewer to understand and relate.

With this type of Ehlers-Danlos, you might not constantly feel pain or need to use crutches, you may be fine for a week and then can wake up and barely walk one day due to pain or dislocations. With EDS there does not have to any physical injury to experience chronic pain* yet on the other hand, joint dislocations and bruising easily may occur very frequently from the condition, and cause fatigue**. I personally experience joint dislocations everyday as my jaw, shoulders, elbows, fingers, hips, knees and feet are all effected, this doesn’t mean they will all dislocate in the same day – joints can dislocate or sublux*** a few times a day for a week, and then not at all for a month, but there tends to be at least one dislocation or subluxation a day, however small or serious.

The documentary will provide great awareness, showing that the simplest of tasks can be extremely difficult. As EDS is an invisible illness, members of the public are not aware that you have the condition. This can mean little things such as needing a disabled seat on a bus may be hard. I don’t want to be perceived as an inconsiderate student, but in the same way want others to understand that the illness does not always consist of using crutches or support, and pain can be hidden. EDS sufferers may look no different from the outside, especially if they’re having a ‘good pain day’ so the documentary will portray that people you walk past in the street may have an invisible illness and you would never know or realise.

*Chronic pain – pain lasting a long period of time

**Fatigue – exhaustion, specifically from a mental/physical exertion or illness

***Sublux – a partial dislocation, where the joint doesn’t fully go out of its socket



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