FTW- Love Shot

Our radio/TV commercial is on a boy-band called FTW. We will be creating the adverts to promote their debut single ‘Love Shot’ and gain them more fans and public awareness.

The initial idea for our TV commercial:

The whole TV commercial will be shot in black and white.

For our TV commercial, instead of having a stereotypical boy-band advert for promoting an album/single, we will be having 4 boys and the camera will pan from their feet to their neck, resulting in a silhouette of their face being shown. Between the shots of their shoes/knees/torso/chest/neck we will be having crowd shots and clips of their music video.

At the start of the commercial you will hear the song playing, with a silhouette of the 4 boys walking towards the camera, however you wont see the faces of the boys because it is a mystery!

The whole tv commercial will be in black and white but at the end of the commercial when the band is revealed there will be colour.


The adapted idea:

Use archive material – footage from their music video and tour videos to create the TV Advert, with the Radio Advert being the audio for it.

The purpose of the TV commercial is to promote the band FTW.

Information on FTW is on our WIX page.

Our pitch:


Dear Dylan – Siobhan Curham

We have also created a second advertising campaign, promoting a book called Dear Dylan by Siobhan Curham.

Our pitch: (yet to be uploaded)



Our music video is on an artist called Kyle James Passmore

    • Style- Acoustic Indie Pop Music
    • Song title- Someone Like You

Someone Like You

This music video is set in a forest which is one of our ideas for where to set our music video for Kyle
This video also has some ideas for parts we’d like to include in our music video, for example having our artist on the stage with the spotlight on him.
Our idea: We are using a person to play the role of Kyle in the music video. The music video starts off with the couple arguing and throughout the music video in many different scenes and locations it will have flashbacks of when they were happily in love, having fun together and messing about. Different locations will trigger different memories of when he was in that specific place with the girl before she left him. The locations we are using is the Birmingham Canal and BOA Recording Studio

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